Brand Monitoring
Social media now provide companies with a great opportunity to monitor their brand, while broadening their customer base. You will also have the virtual experience of developing an active conversation with topics that have important relevance to the company.
BrandBUS makes sure that the effectiveness of the campaign is measured in detail.
We Provide Information Such as
A tally on the leads and sales the blog produces.
The details of the followers of Twitter and Facebook.
Who are the followers and how can you reward them?
An account of the traffic the bloggers and Twitter users have produced for your site.
The conversion rate for each of the social tools.
This type of accurate data compiling helps to revise or adjust the campaign to maximize ROI.
Advanced Campaigns

Our advanced campaigns use futuristic tools that explore beyond the social media tools that we already discussed. It can include competitions, polls, videos, podcasts, celebrity endorsement, guest blogs post and many other strategies that could take clients to the next level of the world’s developments.


Thank you for your interest in BrandBUS. Together we can travel a modern electronic path that is sure to elevate your brand value, while generating profits for your company.